Favorite Christmas Memory- Marcie Gray

Favorite Christmas Memory:

Christmas has always been a time for celebrating our Savior with the ones we love. I grew up in California, so our family tradition was to spend Thanksgiving in the south with the LeFevre side of the family and Christmas in Southern California with the Marks side of the family. It took me six years to get my parents moved here from California after we moved, and their first Christmas here, I was recovering from my fourth surgery after battling cancer.

My favorite memories are of dinner around the table, laughing, sharing memories, and talking about what the birth of our Savior means to us. As members our family graduate to heaven each year, I cherish precious times with my parents even more. Instead of buying gifts, we go on family dates together. Taking my parents to the Titanic was so wonderful, because Mom is losing her vision, so I got to hold her hand and read every sign to her as we walked through, explaining each exhibit. Memories like these will never fade. My parents won’t always be here to celebrate with, so at this stage of life, these are cherished a little more. I hope you cherish precious family this Christmas. The day will come when you’ll be glad you did! Merry Christmas, friends!

Marcie Gray

Marcie With Her Parents….Bill and Maxie Marks