Favorite Christmas Memory- Scott Washam

Favorite Christmas Memory


Growing up, it became a tradition at the Washam estate to allow us kids, Steve, Sharron and myself (Scott) to swap our ‘from me to you’ present before Santa came. Sometimes the gifts were homemade and creative, sometimes a gift card, or maybe a gag gift; but it was always special. This tradition still holds today, even through the years.

We are all more than 43 years of age, yet each Christmas Eve we all find our way back to the kitchen table at the Washam estate, with our mother for a couple of hours and exchange our one ‘from me to you’ present. We share memories, food and secrets of what Santa is bringing the nieces and nephews. This will always be my favorite Christmas memory and I hope we continue the tradition as long as we have breath!

Scott Washam- DayThree

“The Washam Kids Sharing Christmas Secrets”