Favorite Christmas Memory- Vonda Armstrong

Favorite Christmas Memory

Many of my favorite memories as a young child were of Christmas. We grew up poor but we didn’t know we were.  Like the song says, “we were poor but we had love.” My parents did a great job of making us kids feel very special on Christmas morning when we woke to see what Santa had brought. My Daddy worked hard to make a living .  And he also worked hard to show us all what love really was all about.

My momma was sick many of my younger years. She was in and out of the hospital . The sickness kept her from being able to work a job, but that was ok because when we got off the school bus, we walked in the house to the smell of a baked cinnamon apple or bread pudding in the oven! There were perks to having your mom at home.

Momma and Daddy With Santa

I have no idea who it was but most years, the big fat Fat man that said Ho Ho Ho came to visit our home before Christmas.
All I know is Momma said, “If you don’t believe, he won’t come,” so to this day….. I believe!
That was a tradition that lasted even after us kids were grown and gone from home.

Momma today with Santa


One Christmas that stands out as a favorite was the Christmas of 1971.
I had been watching a cool tv show on our Black and White TV, it was called Family Affair. Anyone remember this show?

Buffy and Ms Beasley

New York engineer Bill Davis finds his life as a swinging bachelor turned upside-down by the arrival of his newly orphaned nieces and nephew — young twins Buffy and Jody and their teenaged big sister, Cissy. In time, however, Bill adjusts his life to accommodate the kids, with a little help from his  British butler, Mr. French.

I connected with Buffy. I was the baby of the family and Momma and Daddy were older when they had me so I felt like Buffy at times  and we had a lot in common.  Buffy had a Ms Beasley doll and I wanted one so bad.
I told Santa when I sat on his knee at a local department store , “Sky City.”
And on Christmas morning , my dream came true!

My Granddaughter, Priscilla with Ms Beasley today. ❤️

Now for those of you that don’t believe in Santa, that’s your right. But don’t spoil things for young children that maybe do believe. Don’t get me wrong I knew then and I know now that Christmas is really all about Jesus but as a young child when times are rough, the spirit of giving and the magic of Ms Beasley coming to my house on Christmas morning helped me to believe in following my dreams and never stop believing. I’m still a dreamer today.
And even more important, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ  and because of Him, we celebrate this wonderful Holiday!
Merry Christmas Y’all!


Vonda Armstrong

Vonda Armstrong