Four Fold, The King’s Heralds, One Less Stone, and Praise Incorporated Join The American Society of Gospel Music (ASGM)

Newmarket, NH September 22, 2011.The American Society of Gospel Music (ASGM) is pleased to welcome to their newest gospel member groups: Four Fold, The King’s Heralds, One Less Stone, and Praise Incorporated. Having met ASGM at the recent National Quartet Convention, the groups decided ASGM provided the perfect venue to reach their audiences through Artist & Group Discussion Boards, Live and Interactive Web Events, and Online Concerts.

All three groups had some specific ideas in mind, from reaching their global fan base and sharing their homecoming concerts, to doing a global broadcast of a benefit concert. They found ASGM online events to be the solution they were looking for.

“We’re honored to have such leaders in the gospel music industry join ASGM,” said Steve Case, Director of Events and Membership. “In talking with the groups, they expressed the need to reach fans who couldn’t always come to where they were playing. ASGM provides that solution through our online, interactive platform.”

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About The American Society of Gospel Music (ASGM)

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he American Society of Gospel Music (ASGM)is a membership-based organization where artists and fans connect. Our purpose is to broaden and deepen the connection between gospel music artists and fans through a variety of social networking channels.

ASGMprovides access to the groups and their music, through discussion boards and other Web 2.0 tools. Members also participate in Live and Interactive web events, where the groups interact live and discuss their ministry in a personal setting. ASGMalso provides online concerts, providing a venue to inspire other Christians, from those who may have previously been out of reach, to those who share a deep commitment to the gospel.

ASGMreaches all people, from those who may not have had the opportunity to become familiar with the gospel, as well as provide real-time access to artists and groups to share and expand the messages through the music we all love. For more information on the association, or to view upcoming events, please visit