Getting to know Mary Burke with Fast Five Questions

Fast Five with Mary Burke


  1. Mary, Would you share your testimony with us?

My testimony is about my husband and our journey through his traumatic brain injury. Twelve years ago my husband was in a severe motorcycle accident due to a vehicle pulling out in front of him. My husband asked me if I would go for a ride with him on his bike that evening so I was actually waiting for him to get home that night. He was on the bike alone that night and didn’t have any of his riding buddies alongside him that night either. He was coming to pick me up for a date night ride to enjoy a ride together and have some dinner as well. I had asked his mom if she would watch our kids for me so we could go out together on the bike. His mom never liked the idea of him having a bike because of the danger involved. She made me write on a paper that night that the kids would be hers if something were to happen to us. I went ahead and wrote it on a piece of paper and went home to get ready for him to pick me up. He was on his way back from visiting his dad who was in the hospital with Cancer at the time. I waited and waited for him and started getting feelings like something was wrong. I had these feelings before when he wasn’t home but this time was much different I just knew he wasn’t coming home. I told myself that if he wasn’t home by a certain time I was going to go find him. There was only one road to take on his way home so I knew where I would find him I just knew. Sure enough the time had come and I knew I had to go find him. As I drive down this road I began to have visions of lights flash before my eyes. I believe God was showing me that I was about to come to the accident scene. Sure enough I had arrived and I knew it in my spirit. I approached an officer to confirm and that is when this Journey began. My husband David was in the hospital for nine long months in a vegetative state for about 6 months. He had a feeding tube and much more. When I was finally able to bring him home nine months later after five craniotomies and around 25 other surgeries I was so happy. When I brought him home he couldn’t even turn himself in the bed. Our three sons were only 2,4, and 7. It has now been 12 years since I brought him home and our boys are 14,16 and 18. I am amazed at how God has worked in our lives. The Doctors said that my husband David would never walk or talk again. They didn’t want me to have any false hope and said that David’s deficits would be severe. He does have deficits but he is able to walk with a walker and talk and he is definitely my miracle. Life hasn’t been easy for us but God never said it would be easy just that he would never leave us. I am one blessed Gal with an awesome God who has never left my side through it all. David is my miracle and God left him here to fulfill a purpose and to use him.

God uses the broken if we will just let him and David is a willing Vessel that wants God to use him for his Glory. David travels with me and testifies and recently has started to sing some. David and I have overcame so many obstacles and we owe it all to our Savior.

Mary and David Burke at a recent convention


  1. So, You have a new single at radio. How exciting! Tell us about your song and why you chose this one.


My new single out to radio is a song called “EveryTime” and it talks about how God is Faithful. He is Faithful #Everytime. I chose this song because it spoke to me during a time in my life when the struggle seemed so huge. I was struggling but my God was always Faithful and never left me. It was during these times that I felt his loving arms around me. The writers of the song are Corey Crowder and Val Lupescu. They are both wonderful writers and friends of mine. I am one blessed gal who is amazed at the hand of God and how Faithful he continues to be in my life EveryTime no matter what. The song is being promoted by Hey Ya’ll Media.  Watch and Listen Below!



  1. At what age did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in gospel music?


I have been singing since I was in the uterus I think. My parents said I sang before I could even speak. I grew up singing in church and worshiping the Lord through praise and worship was my life. I always sang and knew I would sing. I would travel with my Grandparents as a young girl and my Grandpa was an evangelist and my Grandma was a Missionary as well. They taught me about ministry and I have always loved serving. My Grandma would give a stranger the sweater she was wearing that is how she was. She showed me from a very young age the heart of ministry. As I grew older I realized that I was a singer but more than that I was a vessel that God could use if I would just allow myself to be used by him. I said here I am Lord, send me and I want to do your work for the rest of my life. The older I get the more I desire to do his work and nothing else. He has been so good to me and has brought me a mighty long way. I owe my life to him.




  1. Share with us all pertinent information to get in touch with you.


I am on Facebook and have a YouTube channel and also a website. My Facebook and YouTube is just under my name Mary Burke. I have a like page on Facebook also under Mary Burke. My website is and my booking number is 865-803-2062.




  1. Tell us about your family.



I am 41 and have 3 handsome young men I call my children. I have watched them grow in to wonderful men of God over the years. They have been my encouragement to keep going no matter what. I knew they needed a Father and not just a mother which is why I never gave up on my husband’s recovery. Our boys David jr, Daniel and Dawson have been our reason for pressing on each and every day. They have gave us strength and wisdom over the years. I love being a momma to these boys who are closer to a man now than a boy. My how the years have flown by. They keep me and David busy with all of their schoolwork and sports and everything else. We have watched the hand of God in each of their lives and they all have a testimony as well. I would say that they are my Greatest Joys outside of ministry and I am happy to be a momma to my boys.


Thank you Mary for sharing with us and blessing us with your talents and testimony! May God Bless you and your ministry…