God is Faithful! Rejoicing with 2nd Generation today….


From Brenda Denney ;

HE STILL HEALS THE SICK- Elaine Robinson and I have stood by these two amazing people for the past year and prayed with them, believed with them, encouraged them and telling them over and over that we had placed ALL OUR HOPE in HIM and we are expecting a GOD report on Linda’s health.
Linda was scheduled for another year of going through chemo and treatments for lymphoma. BUT GOD!!!!
Today they got the following report- It is official….. The Dr told Linda there is “no evidence of Lymphoma in the bone marrow”!!! PTL!! We are in remission!!
No more cancer… No more chemo…. No more sickness…. IN JESUS NAME!!!!
HE STILL HEALS THE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!