Gospel Group CREATED by the Pandemic!

While the pandemic can be blamed for closing many types of businesses and organizations, Victorious Trio says the pandemic is actually responsible for creating theirs!  In March of 2020, virtually every church in the country stopped holding in-person services, and most gospel groups had nowhere to sing. Many such groups ceased operations or folded altogether, including Rich and Linda Sue Treptow’s group. With no end in sight, Rich and Linda Sue decided to retire from gospel singing.

When Easter of 2020 approached, the residents of the Treptow’s housing development on Indy’s Northwest side were determined not to let Easter go by without “having church.”  Through 150 feet of extension cords, a sound system was brought out to Rich and Linda Sue’s cul-de-sac so they could hold an Easter service!  Their neighbors, knowing the Treptows had previously sung in a gospel group, asked them to provide music.  Their first cul-de-sac church service included about 25 people, lasted an hour and a quarter, and included an on-line sermon, pre-recorded hymns to sing-a-long, a communion meditation, fellowship (at a distance), and special music by the Treptows. Everyone was thrilled and determined to meet every Sunday until it simply got too cold, which lasted until October!

Rich and Linda Sue’s duet repertoire was quickly exhausted after a few weeks, so they phoned a nearby friend, Cheryl Anderson, who was a soloist for another church that also was shut down. Rich called, “Hey, Cheryl, do you want to come up and sing for our cul-de-sac church?”  “Sure, I’d love to!” she said.  Cheryl emailed some accompaniment tracks for two of her solo numbers, and Rich arranged harmony parts for himself and Linda Sue.  Each following week brought two more songs and two more trio arrangements for Cheryl’s solo background tracks.  The sound of this new threesome quickly developed into something the neighbors unanimously encouraged to be explored.

After several more weeks, and with news of a vaccine development then underway, the new trio decided to make a commitment, choose a name, “Victorious Trio,” build a website (www.VictoriousTrio.com) and Facebook page (“Victorious Trio”), and “hang out its shingle” so to speak.  As churches have slowly begun to meet in person, Victorious has started to sing a few concerts and church services across Indiana from previous contacts (Scottsburg, No. Vernon, Greenfield, Columbus, etc.).  Rich says, “As people hear about us, we are hoping to become more active around Indiana, but we’d certainly travel to nearby states if requested.” You can learn more about this pandemic-created gospel group by visiting their website and Facebook page, which include video demos, and other information.

Victorious Trio can be reached at 317-847-1018 (Rich) or by emailing RTreptow@aol.com.