Great News from Don Elrod!

don elrod

From Don’s Facebook page:



We do not have words to adequately express our deep appreciation for all the prayers you have prayed for Will. Please see below the latest update from Bethany, his mom, and join with us as we give thanks & praise to God for his goodness, mercy & grace. ~ Don

“Will has a little spot in the left side of his brain called dysplasia. It’s from birth and is an underdeveloped spot. It doesn’t get worse and it can be controlled by medicine. It means he will be predisposed for seizures from here on. They are called focal seizures and are really small and not hard to control. It seems scary, but really is the best possible thing they could have said. We have an answer and he has no tumors or lesions and he can live a normal life. He had a couple more episodes today so we will be here another night. I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am that God loves my boy even more than I do and has had him wrapped in his hands his whole life!” ~ Bethany


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