September 2019 SGNScoops Magazine


We are so excited to announce that  SGN SCOOPS is going to a  FULL COLOR, HIGH QUALITY PRINTED MAGAZINE in addition to Digital in 2020!

The first issue will be in January, 2020. The January issue will also include the ballot for the 2020 Diamond Awards. Now is the time to get your ad in for the exciting issue.

Wholesale Opportunity for Artists is also available.

For information on advertising and wholesale, email vonda@sgnscoops.com


A word from Owner and Publisher of SGNSCOOPS, Rob Patz:

“I truly believe that 2020 is going to be an amazing year filled with exciting opportunities. I believe that about every year, and as I look back at 2019, I think we should always take an inventory of where we’ve been. There have been many great things that have happened in 2019, and there have been some trials. I am thankful, though, that God has allowed me to be a part of some fantastic events and to minister to people around the country.

“The year of 2019 saw changes, but then again, if you think about it, in every year there are changes. If we stay the same we are not moving forward. In the Bible, it says that we should run the race, and my feeling about that is that God doesn’t want us to be stable. He doesn’t want us to be happy in the location we are in today.

“So, with that being said, we are changing. We are growing ! Come grow with us.”