Hey Donnie Williamson, What is The Message for 2019?


Donnie Williamson

We asked Donnie Williamson (The Williamsons), What is  The Message for 2019 ?

Here’s what he had to say.

When Egypt was plagued with frogs Moses asked Pharoah when he would like him to get rid of them. You know what he said? TOMORROW (Ex. 8:10)!!! Why was he willing to spend one more day with those stinking frogs? They were all over the palace, on his table, in his bed -any place you could think of there was a frog! Why didn’t he say, “NOW”! This time of year we often tell of our “New Year’s Resolutions”. It seems like a good time to reboot and start over when often we are just spending unnecessary, additional time with frogs in our house. Why wait to put away those bad habits or attempt to start good ones? Why not get an early start and not spend “One More Night With the Frogs”?
Thanks Donnie for sharing with SGN Scoops.