(Jennings, LA) – After twelve years at our
410 N. Main Street location in Jennings, LA, HLE Radio is
excited to announce our move to a new studio. Says owner and
station manager Hunter Logan about the move, “With every new
season there is change and it is good when the Holy Spirit leads
the way”. The new studio, located at 233 N. Main Street in
Jennings, is only a quarter of the space of the former HLE Radio
Studio, but says Logan “it is definitely a God thing as He is
pruning us”. Logan also added that while there will be a lot of
things that we used to do at the other studio that we will not be
doing anymore, there will be new things happening in the new
studio that we haven’t done before. And with HLE Radio, no
matter where the studio is located, “The goal is souls….Always”.
You can hear Logan broadcasting live from the new HLE Radio
Studio Monday through Friday on The Morning Show with
Hunter Logan 7:00am to 9:00pm central time and HLE Radio 24
hours a day, 7 days a week on HLERadio.com or the HLE Radio