Exciting News for Hope’s Journey…..


God is up to something again with Hopes Journey! A lot of people might say “you all sure do have a lot of personnel changes” but the truth is the road life as a member of a gospel group is really difficult and many don’t realize how tough it is until they actually DO it for a while and not everyone is cut out for it. The fact is Hopes Journey has a smaller turnover than many, many gospel groups and the unique thing is that the group’s former members have remained a special part of the Hopes Journey family even after they make the decision to leave the road.

With that in mind long-time Hopes Journey member Chris Clay has expressed a call from the Lord to join the pastoral ministry. An opportunity to be mentored by his own pastor in the home church of their family has presented itself and with the complete support of Hopes Journey Chris is going to answer that call. This is Chris’ second tour of ministry with the group and he has made it clear that any time they need him in the future he will be there at the ring of his phone. Hopes Journey wishes for Chris, his wife Salina and their daughter Cadence nothing less than Godspeed in this new chapter in their lives.


Many of you have already heard (through a previous press release) about Caleb Kelly joining the group out of Savannah, Tennessee. Caleb is a super talent and a fine Christian gentleman. He will keep Hopes Journey on a solid spiritual and musical path.

Hopes Journey is pleased now to announce the acquisition of Hillary Snow to join the team/family. Hillary is very talented and this is her first time to be a part of a singing ministry like Hopes Journey. Vonda Easley (owner and manager of the group) says, Hillary’s testimony of God’s grace will be one that people desperately need to hear and her singing is second to none. We are truly in awe of how God has worked everything out AGAIN for OUR good and HIS glory!”

We invite all of our friends and supporters to pray for Chris and his family AND to come and hear and meet Caleb Kelly and Hillary Snow at one of our services in the near future. When you serve a God like ours it seems we’re continually saying, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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