Inspiring Word from Karen Peck Gooch

From Karen on Facebook:

Hey y’all! I usually don’t post things like this very often but I feel led to share this.
Last night I had a wonderful dream about the Lord’s return. We all knew the He was coming that day. The excitement was beyond anything imaginable. I remember feeling nothing but joy, peace, and love. When I woke up this morning I was disappointed that it was only a dream. I literally cried thinking about how I let silly things fill my mind that take the place of the important things. I need to be spending more time in the Word and listening more to His leading. The truth is…Jesus could return today! I should live my life everyday with that exciting thought and anticipation! And I want to sing songs that will bring conviction to the lost and encouragement to the believers. I know the Lord is coming back one day and I’m ready! Are you ready?
I love y’all beyond words. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!❤️

Thank you Karen for such an inspiring post! We at SGN Scoops love you and all you stand for.