Janet Paschal Launches Daily Radio Program

Burlington, NC – Noted singer, songwriter, author and talk show host, Janet Paschal has announced plans to launch a new, daily, two-minute program that will be made available to radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Five years ago, the news that the beloved singer had been diagnosed with breast cancer stunned the Christian music world. Following a year of treatments, Paschal resumed her touring schedule with renewed fervor and passion.

In November, 2008, the gifted writer released her latest literary work, Treasures of the Snow, which chroncles her triumphant battle with cancer. The book is now among the best seller’s list and has brought encouragement to many.

In an effort to provide even more cancer awareness, Paschal teamed with JOY FM’s network of radio stations in the Spring of 2009 to produce a weekly radio program. Walking The Good Road, which airs each Wednesday during the popular Morning Joy Ride, has become a huge success. “When I was journeying through the process of cancer,” Paschal shares, “I found comfort in communicating with others who had faced like challenges. I gleaned from their experiences, and, hopefully, they from mine. With the ever-increasing occurences of cancer among people with whom I worked and met daily, we began to brainstorm for a way to share a message of hope and faith to those who needed it most. In an effort to reach as many ladies and gentlemen as possible, we naturally gravitated toward radio – that wonderfully ubiquitous medium which has been exceedingly gracious to me for more than 30 years.”

On October 4, Paschal takes an even bolder step toward educating, informing and inspiring others with her story and the story of many who have walked through similar struggles, as she launches a daily, two-minute inspirational program for radio. “We will be sharing, daily two-minute segments of interviews with people who know, firsthand, what it means to have ‘cancer’ in their everyday conversation,” Paschal explains. “We will speak with Christian artists, pastors and housewives. We will interview caregivers, sons, daughters and parents of patients. We will meet oncology physicians, nurses, radiologists, exploring the entire gamut of the treatment process. Listeners will hear it first person, from those who are on the journey and who have graciously allowed us to walk alongside them for a short while.”

According to Paschal, five episodes of the daily format of Walking The Good Road will be offered to stations each week; however, those stations have the opportunity to air each episode as frequently as they like. “It is my hope,” Paschal shares, “through this program and the wonderful medium of radio, that we will be privileged to hold up the hands of those who are battling this disease. It is my hope that listeners will be encouraged, inspired and informed, and they will be victorious as they walk their own good road.”

While the concept was originally inspired by Paschal’s battle with cancer, individuals who have served as consultants for the program admit that the messages conveyed by Paschal and her guests offer encouragement and words of wisdom for individuals dealing with  any type of struggle. This possibility thrills Paschal. “We all take different roads home. Each of us is heading for the same destination, but we face our own variety of twists and turns and narrow places, as well as a few stretches that are all downhill. My prayer is that each listener will be able to identify in some way with some of the curves and crosswalks during these conversations.”

Complete information regarding the brand new daily Walking The Good Road program may be obtained on-line at www.janetpaschal.com. Stations wishing to air the program may visit the site and click on the the Radio Broadcasters icon at the top of the home page.