Jeff Steele talks about “Meet Me There”

Jeff Steele Talks about current radio single, “Meet Me There.”

In 2016 my mom died after a lengthy illness. It was painful to watch. I preached her funeral as we celebrated her to that city of God that Jesus said he was preparing. Three days later…as we returned from that funeral trip 300 miles away…I preached at our church and emerged after the service to find my wife on the phone with her brother… receiving the news that her OWN mother had just unexpectedly passed away. We had just returned but we got in the car and drove 300 miles back to the city we had just come home from… and I preached in the same week…my mother in law’s funeral. So stunned was I by these events that it left me saying “there’s really no more important question we can ask our family members, our co-workers or our friends than this… “When we gather in the air…will YOU meet me there?” It is the backbone of all our evangelistic efforts to win people to Christ!! Who do you need to ask today? I wrote this song to challenge you to get them to make YOU the promise that they WILL meet you there. Then if they’re not saved show them from the Bible how they can be!! I truly believe this is the most important challenge you can receive and accept. Thank you for your kindness through the years and thanks for helping us send this challenge

Dr. Jeff R. Steele