Josh and Ashley Franks News….


From Josh:

I have always believed that when God calls an individual in one family, he actually calls the whole family. Tonight proved that. First off, for the last couple of days I have had no voice. ZERO! All the sinus and allergies has stripped it away. I did go to the doctor yesterday and was given a shot and some meds. I am feeling better, Praise the Lord. But the Doc told me keep my mouth shut as much as possible! (I think the doc knows me. Ha!) So tonight was our regular mid-week service at our church. Since I couldn’t preach, I had to find someone. Ashley has been telling me of some things that the Lord had been giving her. So I ask her to share her heart tonight. Without (much) hesitate she did and I must say I was super proud. She did outstanding! Then before the service started, Priscilla and I was at the church. I always arrive early and get everything ready and try to do a little warm up on the piano. Meanwhile, Priscilla was at the end of the piano tapping on one single note and on the beat! I said ‘Priscilla, go over and try that on the drums’ Well the child has great rhythm for a 5 years old and tonight on our opening song, she played the snared drum and keep great timing. So hey, if we can’t get a good drummer for the church, we will raise one up! I’m so thankful for my family! Of course you all know how much Eli loves to sing! The best is yet to come……