Keep Praying for Aaron Wilburn…

Please keep praying for our friend Aaron Wilburn. According to Son, Jim , no new update today. The ventilator is letting Aaron rest.

Here is yesterday’s update.

Aaron Wilburn update 11/21/2020.

So this morning Dad started struggling to be able to get a breath and with no other options available, he had to be put on the ventilator. At this point, it will be a day by day process to see if his body will start to get stronger which we are praying is the case.

We were able to FaceTime with him yesterday and although he couldn’t talk, he was able to wave and smile and gave a big thumbs up when we told him about all the people that are praying for him. Thank you again to everyone and please continue to pray because not only is he my best friend, but the one who keeps us all smiling and laughing.


Keep praying!