Ken Ham Releases Unique Commentary on Genesis 1-11

Family Devotional & Commentary, with Answers to Most-Asked Questions

PETERSBURG, Ky.,  — Prolific author, popular speaker and Ark Encounter visionary Ken Ham has released his newest book “Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families.”

Between offering penetrating commentary and devotional thoughts on the most scrutinized section of the Bible, Genesis chapters 1 -11, “Creation to Babel” tackles today’s most-asked questions about the book of beginnings and addresses the pressing issues of our day, such as:

—Can you find evolution in Genesis?
—Where did the different “races” come from?
—Why are there diseases like COVID in God’s creation?
—Are Genesis chapters 1 and Genesis 2 different or contradictory accounts of creation?
—Who was Cain’s wife? and many more.

Ham, founder and CEO of the apologetics organization Answers in Genesis and its popular attractions the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, declared: “Our culture has strayed far from its Christian foundations. Families are finding it more difficult than ever to train their children in truth. Our new book presents what most readers would naturally expect from AiG as we defend the historicity of Genesis, but it also offers devotional and theological insights on how to think and live in a challenging world.”

Ham added: “There’s never been a Bible commentary quite like this one. It’s an apologetics book written at a level that parents can easily use in teaching their children and teens. In addition, Sunday schools and Christian schools will find the book useful in proclaiming the biblical worldview starting with Genesis.”

Since the 1970s, Ham has been answering questions about Genesis and defending its accuracy (e.g., his two famous debates with Bill Nye “The Science Guy”). He is the author or co-author of more than 30 books, including “The Lie” and the anti-racism book “One Race One Blood.” The largest section of the Creation Museum that Ham created takes visitors on a “walk through” Genesis 1-11. He sees “Creation to Babel” as a fuller expansion of what the museum offers, along with presenting devotionals and practical teachings to make Genesis relevant today for families and the culture as a whole.

“Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families” equips families and Christian leaders to trust the Bible and discover why Genesis 1-11 is such a foundational, practical part of the Bible. On the Expository Parenting website, a reviewer declared: “Ken does a great job showing just how important these opening chapters in Genesis are when it comes to contemporary issues. … [He] has several sections talking about the issue of ‘race.’”

Published by Master Books, “Creation to Babel” at 288 pages (hardcover) retails for $21.99.