King’s Heralds Make It To Smithsonian

kingsheraldsPortland, TN (April 16,2013) After 87 years of full time gospel ministry, The King’s Heralds have finally made it into the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

“It all happened quite unexpectedly”, said Don Scroggs the groups first tenor for the past 30 years. Continuing Scroggs stated “We were in the middle of a tour when a gentleman called our office and said he was from The Smithsonian Institute. He went on to explain that they were putting together a new exhibit on how the body is wonderfully put together and that it would be narrated by talk show host Conan O’Brian.”

Russell Hospedales, Baritone for the group added “He said that he had run on to a clip of The King’s Heralds singing a song that we have sung for years called “Dry Bones” on YouTube, and asked for permission for them to use our song in the exhibit. Of course, we thought about that for a couple seconds and then said yes, we would be honored.”

At 87 years and still going, the King’s Heralds are the oldest active Gospel group performing today. “I’m the newest member of the group, but I don’t feel old enough to be put in the Smithsonian” chimed in Bass extraordinaire Jeff Pearles.

You can watch the King’s Heralds performing “Dry Bones” here:

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