Do You Know Tony Alan Bates? Check This Out!

Do You Know This Guy?

Tony Alan Bates is a gifted communicator with the ability to connect with audiences in a variety of venues and genres. But perhaps Tony is most known for being the guy with no fingers who can flat wear out a piano!

Tony was born with stubs for fingers and after praying for the gift to play the piano, 7 days later he was playing!

Tony is one of those artist who can sing and play any style. He has experienced national chart success in Christian Country Music with his first 2 singles, “Living Right” & “Ordinary Joe” peaking at #13 and #12 respectively. Tony Alan Bates has shared the stage with many household names in gospel and mainstream country music.

**Tony in an Ordained Minister and serves as Sr. Pastor at My Church in Woodstock, VA. He is in the pulpit on most Sunday mornings. Select Sunday morning dates are available and is on a first come first served basis. Sunday evenings, revivals, corporate, and concerts dates are available otherwise. Call us today to check available dates not listed on the website.

More about Tony: HERE