Kristen Stanton: Destiny by Design

Kristen Stanton
Kristen Stanton

One Sunday in September after I finished law school, I knelt at the altar and told God I would go anywhere he asked and do anything he wanted me to do. In my mind, that meant I was giving God permission to open the door for me to practice law hours away from home. Instead, he called me to sing.


I began questioning God – not doubting God but simply questioning why. Why did he call me to sing after I finished law school? Why did he give me songs and yet not show me what to do? I didn’t know the first thing about gospel music, and I didn’t know anyone who knew anything about gospel music. So I was left with the burning question we all have at times in our lives: Why?

I also remember reading the story about Joseph in Genesis; it wasn’t new to me. I had grown up hearing the story and teaching the story. I knew that God had orchestrated everything in Joseph’s life to bring him to the point where he would be able to save a nation of people during the famine. Even when things didn’t make sense, God was still there, and he was still in control.

The Bible is replete with examples of how God changed circumstances for his own purposes. And since God has not changed, I know that he is still doing that today. So I sat down and wrote a song called “Destiny by Design.”

Genesis 50:19 says, “And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God?” 

At this point, Jacob had just died,  and Joseph’s brothers were once again worried that their past bad acts would be mirrored by Joseph’s revenge. But Joseph knew that God was in his circumstances. 

Joseph knew that God turned into good the evil of his brothers’ plan.  Joseph knew that where he was was exactly where God wanted him to be.

Long before I knelt at that altar to pray that Sunday after I completed law school, God knew he was going to call me to sing. God knew I would say yes. God knew I would tell this story at every concert because people need to hear that God has a plan for them. God had a plan even when I knew nothing about it.  

Where are you today? Are you worried because you have lost your job? Are you worried because of a health situation? Does something consume your thoughts each day?

Kristen StantonEven in the middle of your worst times, God is still walking with you hand in hand. He has still gone before you. He will still uphold you with his right hand. God had a plan before you entered your valley and he is already leading you out. God has a plan for you.  

Don’t fear. You are not lost. You are not forgotten. You are in the place of God. 

As I wrote in the chorus of “Destiny by Design:”

 What you are going through is part of God’s plan for you. God’s never wasting time. It’s all destiny – destiny by design.

By Kristen Stanton

Kristen Stanton is a dynamic singer, speaker, and writer. From discussions on Facebook, to live concerts on any stage, Kristen’s main focus is to share her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She says: “I was saved when I was four years old. I’ve been in church my whole life. I went to a Christian college. I don’t have the experiences of walking away from God and how He brought me back. But I do have the experience of how God continuously reveals Himself to me… of how He answers prayer. I want people to understand who God is so that they can be more of a reflection of Him. My goal is to help others see God in a way that meets every need in their life.”
Following a trio of No. 1 songs from her debut project, “Destiny by Design,” Kristen recently released her second solo project, “Love As Jesus Loves” and is currently writing songs for her new album. Kristen is also an Attorney-at-Law, serving clients in Northwest Ohio.


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