Latest Update on Aaron Wilburn

Latest Update on Aaron from som, Jim Wilburn.

Aaron Wilburn update, 11/26/2020. We would like to thank so many people for all of the prayers that have been sent up on behalf of dad over the past 2 weeks. While there has been a slow improvement over the past few days, in the middle of last night he had a heart attack to compound the issues. The Dr.’s don’t know if he will make it through tonight but we are still praying for a miracle.

There have been so many great friends and pastors that have been constantly checking on us and we couldn’t be more thankful. I do have to specifically say thank you to Kathy Crabb Hannah, Mike Bowling, Bobby Tomberlin, Jerry Salley , Perrys Perrys(Libbi), Brian Free, Danny Funderburk, Darrell Freeman, Jonathan Penhollow , Olan Witt, Julie Pafford Witt, Danny Jones, Matt Dibler, and many more for checking on us every single day since this started. Also, Pastors Aaron Crabb, Robb Tripp, Shanda Tripp ,Bill Bailey for constantly checking and letting us know that they were praying every day as well.

Obviously if there are any changes, we will update everyone. Thank you again and as Dad would say, “Bless Your Hearts”.

With Love,
Jim, Lauren, Emily, and all of the rest of our family