LeFevre Quartet Reclaims Name & Signs with the Beckie Simmons Agency

There is much to be said about the heritage of a name.  When thinking of Southern Gospel Music, some of the first family names that come to mind are The Speer Family, The Goodmans, The Nelons and The LeFevres, all legendary in our Industry.

Mike LeFevre, nephew of Eva Mae LeFevre, has been involved in Southern Gospel Music since his days with the legendary Gold City. In 2005, Mike LeFevre, along with five other incredibly talented young men, brought forth a new quartet sound called The LeFevre Quaret.  Just one year after forming The LeFevre Quartet, fans voted them the 2006 Horizon Group of the Year at the Singing News Fan Awards.  In 2007, they were voted “Breakthrough Artist Of The Year” at the SGN Awards.  Their hit song, “Big Mighty God” was nominated for Southern Gospel Song of The Year at the 2009 Dove Awards.

The question has been asked, “So why would a group who has had such an impact on the Gospel Music scene with such wide acceptance change their name?”  The answer:  With the passing of Eva Mae LeFevre, members of the LeFevre family expressed their desire to retire their legendary name in Gospel Music, so The LeFevre Quartet quietly became Priority.

Since signing with BSA, Beckie Simmons, along with encouragement from their peers, began the process of reconsidering going back to their original family name.  Maurice LeFevre addresses the issue with his statement, “I didn’t realize until Mom’s passing last May how quickly new generations forget, as some of my own children came to me and said they had no idea that their grandparents had accomplished so much in life.  Mylon and I are absolutely and completely supportive of Mike and his group and the work they are doing for our Lord and Savior.  Our initial reservations concerned quality; however, after hearing the group we could not be more in tune.  What a great sound!” Thus, the decision was confirmed to continue the legacy of the Le Fevre name. Priority is now being retired and The LeFevre Quartet reborn.

BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency has entered into an exclusive booking agreement with The LeFevre Quartet.  Beckie Simmons adds, “We are excited about adding The LeFevre Quartet to the BSA family!  The sound of this group is superb plus having a live band represents some of the best in Southern Gospel Music.  I am so happy to be part of their future and keeping the LeFevre heritage alive.”

The Beckie Simmons Agency exclusively handles LeFevre Quartet’s appearance dates.  For more information on scheduling The LeFevre Quartet please contact BSA at 615.595.7500 or www.bsaworld.com.  For more information on LeFevre please visist www.thelefevrequartet.com.