Lore Family Ministries Celebrate 10th Anniversary 

Lore Family
Lore Family

Ministry of Songs, Sermons, and Seminars Began on Mother’s Day 2006

Portsmouth, OH (May 25, 2016) The Lore Family will always remember Mother’s Day, 2006 as a landmark time for their ministry of songs, sermons and seminars. May, 2016 is also a month of milestones and blessings for the family as they celebrate their 10th anniversary in ministry. They recently hosted the “Real Women Retreat” with over 200 of attendance, while their radio ministry continues to be blessed, with the chart climbing song, “Trace the Grace.”

What began as a Mother’s Day surprise for Sandy Lore, has blossomed into one of Southern Gospel’s top family ministries. The Lore Family ministers to thousands a year in concerts, revivals, and seminars. This year they will minister in 15 states and be a part of some of Southern Gospel’s biggest events.

They recently celebrated their first top ten song, “I Lived to Tell About It,” and their current single, “Trace the Grace,” is quickly climbing, and will be at number 16 in the July Singing News Southern Gospel radio chart.

Lore Family
Lore Family

Here are some excerpts from a recent Facebook post where Darren Lore talks about the origin of the Lore Family Ministries, the blessings they’ve received over the years.

“Mother’s Day 2016 marked the 10th ANNIVERSARY of The Lore Family Ministries. Ten years ago, we had no idea that God was leading our family into a full-time, music-evangelistic ministry! On Mother’s Day night, 2006, Fayth Lore(10), Samuel Lore (9) and I sang a special song. We wanted to surprise Sandy Lore during Mother’s Day evening service. We sang, “I’ve Come Too Far”. Our first stage was Seventh Street Christian Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was the pastor of that small congregation. Eventually, the surprise would be on all four of us! From that inner-city congregation, our family would begin to trickle out into other churches. The journey continued from there.”

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve ministered in hundreds of churches. We have met thousands of people. By this years end, we will have ministered in nearly 15 States. We’ve been honored to sing, preach, teach and participate in so many camps, revivals, services and concerts. We love ministering the Word through songs, sermons and seminars.”

The Lore Family considers reaching the lost as the most important part of their ministry.  Darren continues “In the past decade, we’ve witnessed countless numbers of folks come to know Christ. We’ve prayed with hundreds at the altars. The MAIN purpose of our ministry is seeing lives changed through the power the Gospel”.

The Lore Family is also grateful for the opportunities they’ve received and the favor shown them. “We’ve met a host of Southern Gospel artists in our travels. From legends like Squire Parsons to local church groups, we’ve been blessed through so many ministries and friendships. Many have inspired, encouraged, supported and challenged us. Being a part of NQC, Gatlinburg Gathering and Dollywood have been rewarding. We also look forward to singing at Silver Dollar City in 2016.”

Sharing Biblical truth is the heart the Lore Family. Darren continues, “We’ve become acquainted with some of the best pastors and preachers through our travels. There are still ministers who preach the Truth and nothing but the Truth! Some have become dear, personal friends of our family. We know that we can count on the prayers of these precious friends. We LOVE being a part of services with strong, anointed, Biblical preaching!””

As Darren explains, the Lore Family is a true family Ministry. “Our vision for conferences continues to grow. Four years ago, Fayth started the ‘True Purpose’ Conferences for young ladies. Last year, our family started the ‘Determined’ Youth Conferences. Twenty one teenagers were saved at that first conference. Sandy and Fayth are strong supporters of women ministry. They totally love conducting, ministering, singing at ladies conferences. They are super-hyper about the ‘Real Women’ Conference coming up in 2 weeks! Samuel is very vital to our ministry. His singing, preaching, tech-skills and a 100 other behind-the-scene tasks is a strength to our family.”

The Lore Family’s media ministry has also been blessed over the years.  Darren explains, “Seven years ago The Lore Family began our radio ministry. We released, “An Absolutely Good Day” in April 2009. Over the ten year span, we would record a total of 5 projects and one DVD. We were privileged to be a part of the Camp Meeting Friends DVD’S and CD’S. We currently are on our 16th national radio release (Trace the Grace). Songs, such as, “He Still Bears the Scars”, “The Only Way Out Is Through”, “Come On and Praise Him”, “I Lived To Tell About It”, “It Shall Be Well” and “Trace the Grace” have helped identify our family ministry. I can’t thank enough all of the DJ friends that we’ve met. If it wasn’t for them, our songs wouldn’t be heard! This year, it was a great honor for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to pick up “I Lived To Tell About It”. Donna Carline sings the fire out of that Marcia Bloodworth Henry and Barbara Huffman co-write! Through our ministry, they discovered the song. And, now so many more lives are being helped. Our family is currently planning on recording a project featuring Fayth and Samuel. Later on, we will do another family record.”

 The Lore Family
The Lore Family

“Last year, we became a part of the Great American Gospel TV ministry. And, now we’re sharing the Gospel in song world-wide through song. We thank Danny and Dee Kramer for including us in their ministry. Some of you will remember the song they wrote, ‘He’s In the Midst’ (Bishops).”

“God’s hand of protection has been on our family. We have traveled thousands of miles. God has sheltered us. He even flew with Sandy in a helicopter ride to Columbus, Ohio! Our Heavenly Father is now proving that He’ll be our daily Provision. He is our Healer, our Friend, our Shield, our Lord. We praise His Holy Name for allowing us the opportunity to serve Him. He is enlarging our coasts. And, we praise HIM.”

Thankful for the prayerful support they receive, Darren concludes,  “We also thank YOU for believing and supporting our family ministry. Thank you for sharing our ministry with others. Thank you for opening up your arms and pulpits for us to serve. Thank you for investing in our ministry. Only God knows where The Lore Family Ministries will be in 10 more years. Perhaps, we all will be singing around God’s Throne! But, one thing is certain, we’re not about to quit!”

For more information on the Lore Family Ministries, go to www.thelorefamilyministries.com.

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