Mansion Entertainment Building for the Future

Mansion Entertainment opened its doors in 2008 with the mission of producing, marketing and distributing Mansion 2Southern Gospel recordings and DVDs. Many changes have been made since that initial roll-out.” On Jan. 1, 2014 Mansion Entertainment opened its doors as an expanded entity under the name Mansion Entertainment and Media. The new facility houses Mansion Entertainment and all of its endeavors including a state-of-the-art recording and TV studio that features multiple HD Cameras, Jib, Switcher, Lighting, allowing Mansion to shoot on location and multi-track audio and host facilities.

Mansion is reintroducing the popular EZ Key Accompaniment Tracks, and adding established artists such as the Triumphant Quartet and Three Bridges. Bill states, “Mansion’s core is and will always be the development of new and established artists and writers.

President of Mansion, Bill Traylor’s career began in radio promotions for Heartwarming Records in 1978. From there, RiverSong Records distributed by CBS and Homeland Records. Traylor recorded The Cathedrals, The Hoppers, The Bishops, The Speers, Legacy Five and many others. Traylor produced and hosted TV shows such as “Sing out America” which aired daily on the cable network, CBN. When Homeland Records was formed, Traylor called his good friend Bill Gaither; to co-host a new show Traylor was producing called “Homeland Harmony.” Together, they hosted this show for 2 years. “Homeland Harmony” was the first show to air segments of the very first Gaither Homecoming Video titled appropriately, “Homecoming”.

Mansion Media is currently producing 3 of its own television shows: “America Sings” featuring classic and some Americana videos, “Spiritfest” featuring many of today’s most popular Southern Gospel artists and Mansion’s most popular and widely distributed show, “Nashville Country Revival” which airs in the US, Canada and all Australia. Mansion is in negotiations with 3 additional networks and 2 Broadcast Syndicators which, if concluded, would bring “Nashville Country Revival” into homes across America on FOX and CBS affiliates.

Mansion Media is producing and for other outside individuals and companies using its facility and expertise in TV Syndication/Distribution. Currently, Mansion Media is producing a teen show titled, “The iTeen Café” that highlights current contemporary Christian music, and a cooking segment. A second show titled “A Christian Talk of the Town” focuses on pertinent topics affecting the Christian family and a show that outlines the plights of our wounded Veterans is in production as well.
With Television Distribution well under way and Mansion’s strong relationship with Christian Radio, Traylor, met with Alan Becker, head of distribution for Sony/Red in New York, and structured a deal for distribution of Mansion Records to all the big box stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target as well as truck stops and one-stop distributors. With this comes a distribution agreement to the Christian Retail Accounts through Provident Distribution which is wholly owned by Sony. In addition, Mansion has structured a strategic relationship with 150 plus affiliate web stores such as Solid Gospel, Alfred Publishing and Covenant Distribution that allows their customers to shop Mansionmusiconline without ever leaving the affiliates web site. With all the new things going on, Mansion is ready for 2014 and beyond.
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