Memories of Dad and Granddaddy by McCray Dove

One of my special memories with my dad also includes my granddaddy. Goes back to when I was a kid. I started singing when I was four years old. I’ve always been short but I was really small back then. So my Granddaddy would call me Tom Thumb. Well every Sunday afternoon me and Daddy would sing. Daddy would play the piano and I was learning to play bass guitar. This particular time Momma had just bought the sheet music to the song I’ll Take Jesus. So me and Daddy went to work on the song. Later on My Granddaddy came over to see us. Daddy said McCray sing that new song for your Granddaddy. We played and sang the song when we finished singing with tears running down his face Granddaddy shouted sing it again Tom Thumb sing it again. May not sound all that special to you but that memory is more special to me now than ever before.



Sing it again Tom Thumb…..Sing it again!

I love to hear you sing this one as well!