A Message from Ashley Franks


From  Ashley :

I’m trying to process how awesome our revival was in Ohio this week. 8 souls entered the family of God! Then last night, after church, a girl came and sat down by me and started to share her story. Single mom, no job, no car, and she felt like she was at the end. She said that the night before she almost ended her own life, because she felt like it could not get any worse for her.

Then yesterday she saw something posted online about our revival and asked someone to bring her and her son to attend our service last night. She had NEVER heard the names “Josh and Ashley Franks” before yesterday and I told her that was a DIVINE appointment that God set up for her to be there and talk with me last night!

Will you join me in prayer for my new friend? I told her to make Christ her #1 focus and he would take care of her! I prayed with her, and she went home. Remember friends, someone always has it worse. And your life is WORTH LIVING. #liveforhim