Message in a song from Susan Brady of Exodus

Exodus2013 was one of the most darkest years for me. Yet through all the gloom would be some of the sweetest moments with the Lord I’d ever known. I wrote several songs that year. Songs of hope, joy and forgiveness. One day i was studying scripture for another song i was working on turning from book to book reading about his ministry, his healing power and his glorious resurection! Though I’ve read and heard these stories many times, it’s amazing how they don’t seem old or outdated! They still speak to my soul and remind me of him! And so i began to write “tell me oh, tell me again” How wonderful it is to know though we read God’s Word time and time again IT NEVER GROWS OLD! He teaches us when we read them and i still love to hear them OVER AND OVER AGAIN! SUSAN BRADY 2014

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