Michael Helwig steps down from fulltime with Blackwood Brothers

Blackwood Brothers 2015 Atlanta TV taping
Michael Helwig with the Blackwood Brothers in 2015

SGNScoops was saddened to hear that Michael Helwig of the Blackwood Brothers has decided to come off the road. He will return for special appearances. On March 11th, Michael wrote on his Facebook page:

Tonight I sang my last concert with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet as the full time lead singer. I will still be working for the Blackwood Brothers and going out with them when I can. I will also be with them at Memphis, NQC and other “larger venues”.

This decision wasn’t easy to make, but I am finding it extremely difficult to travel long distances and maintain my stamina. I am not quitting, just taking it easy.
I love you all, and I am looking forward to seeing you down the road.
God bless

Michael Helwig
Michael Helwig

In a post on the Singing News website, the Blackwood Brothers noted their sadness at coming to this point in Michael’s battle with ALS. Billy Blackwood states: “Last Saturday was Mike’s final full concert with the Blackwood Brothers. On as positive a note as possible, Mike will continue to make special appearances with us as his health and our travel permits. We look forward to those special events when he can perform with us and we know that you, his fans and friends, will as well.”

Last September, Justin Gilmore of SGNScoops interviewed Michael about his illness and his career. Here is an excerpt of the feature:

Gilmore: Tell me about the impact this has had on your family. Helwig: The impact on my family, so far, has been mostly, me just being a general pain in the butt. [laughs] They have to get me this and that, as well as help me into bed. Spiritually, it has made us stronger, and I know that the emotional strain has been hard for them to bear.

Gilmore: How has your faith helped you during your struggle with ALS? Helwig: My faith, …hmmm, faith is the active ingredient in the formula, but the power comes from my heavenly Father.

September 2016 SGNScoops Magazine
September 2016 SGNScoops Magazine

Gilmore: Amen. What specific Scriptures have been a comfort to you during this time? Helwig: Matthew 6: 9-13, and Matthew 26:36-46. I love to hear my Lord pray, I try to model my prayers after His.

Gilmore: Great word. How can fans help you and your family? Helwig: Keep praying!

Gilmore: Definitely! What are your plans once you can’t sing full-time anymore? Helwig: Once I can no longer travel and sing I guess I’ll just sit or lay around the house and be bored. I mean, what else could I do? [laughs] Really, I will just be a dad, a husband, and serve my Lord in whatever capacity He has planned for me.

All of us at SGNScoops wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to Michael, Billy and all of the Blackwoods, as well as Michael’s family. We hope to see you all at a concert in the near future.

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