More Christmas Song Favorites From Scoops Staff

Our magazine has quickly become a trusted resource of  Southern Gospel News. We have several Southern Gospel Veterans on our staff bringing their professionalism and experience to the magazine in each issue. Counting all the years between us, we have more than 100 combined years of experience in the industry. Sandi Duncan Clark and Lorraine Walker have consistently served our industry well in crafting well-written stories about the artists YOU love. Both ladies are exceptional writers and are respected and loved by our readers, artists and peers.  Lorraine and Sandi are also serving on the Diamond Awards Planning Board.

Denise Salchow is a vital part of the SGNScoops team. Denise serves in many roles including audio/video production and she serves as the Diamond Awards Artist Coordinator and on the Diamond Awards Planning Board. Perhaps many of you have met Denise in the SGNScoops booth at several Gospel Music events throughout the year. We appreciate Denise because she serves in many “as needed” roles. She contributes photos, assists writers by gathering background information or quotes and even helps us with  proofing as needed.

All three ladies contribute significantly to the Scoops team, so make sure you drop them an email or drop  by their facebook pages to let them know they are appreciated!

Lorraine says: “The song that touches my heart most at Christmas is O Holy Night. I love to hear it any time of year, actually. The words are powerful and my soul thrills to the triumphant message in each stanza. I always want to ‘fall on my knees’ and it seems the ‘angel voices’ are ringing in my ears. From Celine Dion to Gerald Wolfe to Carrie Underwood, this song is greater than a genre or voice. I can’t tell you who I prefer to hear perform this anthem as, in my opinion, the singer becomes insignificant to the worshipful lyrics and stirring melody. And that’s the way it should be with such a message. The night that Christ was born was divine and changed the world forever. O Holy Night, indeed.”  

Sandi Says: “I actually have two favorites… ‘Mary Did You Know’ and ‘Labor of Love.’ The first time I heard “Mary Did You Know,” I cried through the entire song. Many times I’ve wondered how Mary must have felt when she learned that she would be the mother of the Christ. I still get chills whenever I hear it.  When the Isaccs recorded “Labor Of Love” I fell in love with it as well. The lyrics are so poignant with vivid descriptions of what the Holy night must have been.”

Denise Says: Well, since Rob and Lorraine took my favorite gospel Christmas song “O Holy Night,”  my favorite secular song that always brings a smile to my face and wonderful childhood memories is Gene Autry’s version of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  🙂
Before my grandparents passed away my family Christmas was celebrated every year at my Granny & Grandpa Doolittle’s house every Christmas Eve.  Every year while helping my granny decorate the Christmas tree to even waiting patiently to open up the gifts on Christmas Eve – granny always had Gene Autry playing on the record player and us singing right along and me thinking it just can’t get better than this. Any memory of my granny is a wonderful one; but I seem to miss her most at Christmas and this song brings back special times with Granny.

Merry Christmas from MORE of the Scoops Staff and stay tuned- we have MORE to come!