New Line-up for Hope’s Journey…

Cody McCreary

Heflin, AL (July 27, 2016) – Vonda Easley, owner and manager of Gospel artists Hope’s Journey, is thrilled to announce the new line-up of this popular mixed group. Joining Vonda onstage is Cody McCreary from Scottsboro, Alabama, Caleb Kelley from Savannah, Tennessee, and Hillary Snow from Roanoke, AL.

Caleb is 19 years old and sings baritone/lead for the group. Hillary sings high soprano and works with the SGNScoops Social Media team. Newest member, 23-year-old Cody is married to Shae and plays the piano for Hope’s Journey as well as singing occasionally.

Cody has been singing and playing since the age of eight and was formerly with the Freedom Quartet. He was the patriarch of the McCrearys, a Southern/Country Gospel singing group. Cody passed up an offer to tour with a Country artist to join Hope’s Journey. He’s excited about the upcoming tour schedule with HJ. “I can’t wait for Creekside,” says Cody. “It should be the most happening venue this year!”

Vonda is thrilled about her group and her new piano player, who she says is a ‘keeper.’ Hope’s Journey is quickly filling their fall and winter schedule at . For more information visit