New Music From Singing Echoes

singtheclassicsCleveland, Tennessee- There are things that are considered classics and synonymous within their fields of work.  America is synonymous with freedom. Apple Pie is a classic when it comes to pie.  The Singing Echoes are both a classic American family and also synonymous with fundamental, spirit filled Gospel Singing. They will celebrate their 43rd Year in Southern Gospel Music this July. On July the Seventeenth the Singing Echoes continue their traditions with the release of “Sing The Classics”. In this anticipated release from the Singing Echoes they give their fans what they have come to expect. A new release brings songs that reconnect them to the traditional style that has molded their ministries. The Singing Echoes instrumentation and lively spiritual singing are noticeable in a live setting and “Sing The Classics” will greet the listener with the same flair the Singing Echoes have on stage.

Songs like “Waiting On My Ride”, “On Holy Ground” and “When I Go Strolling” will take fans back to the classic good ole days and make you want to “Walk Right Down” to the corner store and order a root beer float for five cents. “Sing The Classics” features the new song pinned by Debbie Epperson entitled “He’s So Much More” that will be another fan favorite. Mark the release date July 17th2013 on your calendar and look forward to another classic by the Singing Echoes.