Nominate for the Diamonds Awards Today!

2017 Diamond Award Nominations
2017 Diamond Award Nominations

At SGNScoops we know you are particular about the music you listen to and whose lyrics resound within your heart. We want to give you a chance to put your favorites in the spotlight by nominating them for the 2017 Diamond Awards to be held at the end of October Vote HERE.

Go now to the Diamond Awards HERE and list your favorites for each category.  Look for the nominations to be narrowed down to the top ten for each category soon.

The 2017 Diamond Awards will be held on October 31st in Pigeon Forge during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention.  For more information on the Diamond Awards gala click here. To reserve your rooms for the entire Creekside experience, October 30th through November 2nd at Pigeon Forge’s Smoky Mountain Convention Center, click here.

Vote today HERE for the Diamonds and let your voice be heard!

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