Pat Barker What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

Pat Barker
Pat Barker

We asked Pat Barker ..  What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

I was always the first up. it’s Christmas morning and I can’t lie there any longer. I wake my brother up and then get my sister. We all go into my parents room to let them know that we were ready to open whatever santa brought. We would gather at the top of the stairs and daddy would read the Christams story from Luke 2. we would all go down the stairs together and turn the corner to see a room full of toys.

Mom made sure that we opened all the gifts one at a time, taking turns. It usually took around 2 hours to get everything opened then daddy would make his famous Christmas Breakfast! It was time for the grandparents to come over and see all of the presents one by one. The whole morning was filled with laughter and music. The Carpenters and Barbra Streisand would be playing in the background. Christmas movies on the television. For some reason it always slipped our minds that there were stockings filled with chocolate hanging from the fireplace until after lunch. That is when we caught our second wind and played until the sun went down.

This was our tradition until well into my twenties. We loved Christmas morning at the Barker House. Daddy is no longer with us so Christmas will be very different this year. New traditions will overcome the old ones. new memories, songs, and movies will be had. I think that’s how it is suppoesed to be. Time moves on and so do the children of God. Merry Christmas!