PEBN TV Celebrates One Year Anniversary

pebnFranklin, TN February 7th 2013 – Pathway Enterprises Broadcasting Network (PEBN), a division of Pathway Enterprises, is happy to celebrate one year on air!

From the beginning, PEBN’s goal has been to present the message of the Gospel through music, in a clear and conscience manner providing the viewer and listener with Uplifting, Encouraging, and Spiritually Challenging songs and lyrics to introduce and/or provide their audience with a place of Spiritual Growth and Enjoyment. In order to accomplish this goal, PEBN has developed several original programs including: “Spiritfest” hosted by Bill Traylor, which features current and classic Southern Gospel Music; and “Nashville Country Revival” which features Gospel Music with a great Country sound. PEBN also offers other great shows such as “Sing Out America, Pickin’ On The Porch, and vintage concerts from “The Cathedral Quartet”, “Gold City”, and others.

Through its partnerships with Rural TV (RFD TV), Golden Eagle Broadcasting (GEB on Direct TV), The Nashville Network, several other Christian networks and ROKU TV, PEBN is able to bring Gospel music to 90 million households every week. ROKU TV (an internet protocol distributor), which allows PEBN subscribers and supporters to access original shows, music, and additional content, on demand.

Bill Traylor, President of PEBN states, “It is a gratifying experience to see how PEBN is blessing and encouraging so many people.  PEBN allows us to bring Gospel Music to millions of households each week and the response has been overwhelming.  We will continue expanding PEBN and hopefully be able to reach millions around the globe with the message of the Gospel through music within the next year.”

PEBN is a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote Southern Gospel music through video and television. For more information regarding PEBN programs and schedules, please visit While you are there, look to see how easy to it is to have Gospel Music at your fingertips with ROKU!