Pine Ridge Boys add Baritone Tim Webster

With the retirement of Wayne Shuford, the Pine Ridge Boys searched over the holidays to find the right baritone vocal and person to blend with the legacy quartet. It is with great joy the Pine Ridge Boys welcome Tim Webster to the group.

Tim Webster is no stranger to gospel music. He is the son of Cathedral Quartet noted baritone George Amon Webster. Yet the pedigree is enriched as he married Chris, the daughter of Cathedral Quartet acclaimed tenor Mack Taunton.

Pine Ridge Boys owner-manager Larry Stewart says, “We are so excited to have Tim Webster as part of the Pine Ridge Boys. His talents are exceptional plus he has such a gospel music heritage. We have found our time together to be filled with memories, great music and a friendship that really comes from being music families.”

Webster remembers his first on stage singing experience. “It was 1971, I was five years old, and I sang at church with the Sonbeams. The group was with Chris-(now my wife), her two brothers and cousin. We sang “Me and Jesus Got Our Own Thing Going.”

Being brought up in a Christian family, at the age of 13, Webster was in Sunday School where Mr. Morgan gave a message in Sunday School class. He says he knew he had to make it right with God. That day started his Christian journey, and it has only enhanced his love of southern gospel music.

He says, “I really started singing when I was a high school freshman. I sang with Dad, David Thomas as the Brothers. Our first song was He’s Still Working On Me.  I was singing Lorne Matthews’ part. I had listened to Dad when he was with the Cathedrals and Brothers. Singing just came naturally and I loved it.” He continues, “While living in Florida, I sang for 10 years with the Mitchum Brothers, who were originally from Manning, SC.  I traveled with my Dad and the Heartland Boys for eight years.”

Webster explains, “ I have known my wife (Chris) all my life. Our families have been life-long friends. We grew up friends and went separate ways with our lives, having our own unique families. But in 2012 we reconnected. We dated for a time and in 2017 we married. Funny how God works and blesses, when you let him be God.”

As for the Pine Ridge Boys he states, “We moved to Lexington, SC in 2021, I was searching for some music online. I was not looking for a group to sing with but just some music. I saw a link to the Pine Ridge Boys and chuckled as my son went to Pine Ridge High School. As I opened the link, I got to looking closer. I recognized Wayne Shuford. I read more and remembered Larry Stewart from back in the Singing Americans days. I reached out to Larry via email. And next thing you know Wayne retired. We reconnected at Midlands Gospel Singing Center remembering old times. Over the Christmas holidays we rehearsed, and we liked what we heard.”

The rich quartet harmonies of the Pine Ridge Boys continue with Webster’s addition. “Gospel music enthusiasts will instantly take to him,” says Larry Stewart. The first official concert featuring Tim Webster will be Saturday, February 5, 2022,  in Monroe NC with Real Truth Revival and Mercy’s Well.

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