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The Wright Family
The Wright Family

Benefit concert at Redemption Christian Center. 1209 North Vanwert Rd, Villa Rica, GA Saturday, February 23, 2019 @ 5:00 The Paul Family, The Wright Family and many other artists. Come expecting a Blessing. Concessions available!!

This Go Fund Me Account is set up to assist with the final expenses, such as hospital, doctor and funeral expenses for Pastor James Wright. He founded Redemption Christian Center, January 2006. Since that time he has led his congregation in purchasing land and constructing a new sanctuary. His goal was to have the sanctuary to be debt free upon completion. His dream was fulfilled December 22, 2018 when Redemption Christian Center was granted an occupancy permit. Pastor James had the privilege of attending the new sanctuary on three different occasions before his death.

Memorial Day James began having symptoms of nausea and severe pain. His doctors began immediate tests to check for heart issues. When those tests came back negative more tests began. CT Scans, Biopsy’s, Pet Scan and others until he was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma. From the date of his diagnoses until his death was a period of only three months.

James was not only the Senior Pastor to Redemption Christian Center, he was also a member of The Wright Family and traveled many years with his family ministering and singing Southern gospel. He was a member of the Southern Gospel Promoters Association (SGPA) and had served as Chaplain for the past 5 years.

Many years ago James had taken an insurance policy so that his family would not be left with a final expense at his passing away, however, due to his age the policy was no longer in effect leaving no insurance coverage at his death.

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