Please pray for Beverly Oxenrider

The Riders - Amy, Jason and Pam
The Riders – Amy, Jason and Pam

Gospel artists The Riders participated in a gospel music cruise in February. When they returned, they found out that group member Pamela’s mother had fallen and broken her ankle, which then required surgery. At 70 years young, Beverly Oxenrider had previously suffered a brain injury and this fall complicated her condition.

Pam Oxenrider Taylor posted this earlier today:

I ask for prayers for our sweet Mother. This is a short explanation article of what Mom is having problems with now, besides breaking her ankle and having extensive PT since that repair surgery so she can learn to walk again. Mom’s recent brain injury is affecting her eyesight since her last

Beverly Oxenrider with her grandchildren
Beverly Oxenrider with her grandchildren

fall 10 days ago that caused head trauma to her Occipital Lobe. The below link/picture shows what I call as a nurse a “Visual Field Cut in Vertical.” Mom is mostly having “Visual Field Cuts in Horizontal,” with visual illusions and hallucinations as she tries to see in her room.

“Our mother is a strong woman of God and a prayer warrior…having blindness is scary to anyone and she could really use a lot of your prayers.

“The specialist told us yesterday this condition is usually not reversible but we believe in the healing power of God; amen!!! Mom will be going to more specialists over the next couple of weeks. I will update you as we learn more about her occipital brain injury. Please feel free to contact her on Facebook or call, it does take her a long time to read a message but we will be helping her read and write until she is healed!!!

“I appreciate you, Pam…PS-Anyone that can visit her, that really would lift her spirits.”