Please Pray For Charles Brady Of Radio Music Group

On the night of May 25th, 2019 the founder of Radio Music Group, Charles Brady, suffered congestive heart failure. When he drove himself over 30 miles to an urgent care facility the next morning after writing his will and leaving written instructions for his wife the night before, he knew something major was happening.

He looked for an urgent care facility that had a wait time of less than 15 minutes and drove himself. It was his daughters wedding anniversary and Rosie was babysitting and Charles kept the condition to himself and made the drive.

After getting to the urgent care facility and having two EKG’s and a chest x-ray they called for an ambulance. Charles heard the siren before they even told him it was for him.

He was in A-fib with extremely high blood pressures and even though he had no chest pain his heart was failing. He was admitted on May 25th and a series of tests and procedures have been performed including a heart conversion were they stop and restart the heart to try to bring it back into a normal rhythm and out of A-Fib. It worked on the first attempt. He has also had an echocardiogram and a heart cath.

After numerous tests and a couple gallons of blood he has now donated the decision has been made transfer him to Wake Forest where he will have a failing heart value repaired of replaced with a mechanical one.

He is expected to remain hospitalized for another 8-12 days.

Charles wanted to express his sincere and “broken” heartfelt thanks for the many prayers offered on his behalf. The Radio Music Group wishes to thank everyone for continued prayers for Charles and Rosie as they navigate this new reality in their life.