Please Pray For Douglas Davis

Please pray for our friend Douglas Davis.

Melinda posted this morning on Facebook:

So yesterday after church we had a very eventful afternoon. Douglas collapsed in Cracker Barrel. He was unresponsive and he was transported to UT Med CTR. Needless to say I was scared to death. God placed people right there around me at the exact moment to help me. There happened to be an “old ER/GI nurse” (she said), that was sitting next to us that immediately came to help me, another lady came out of nowhere and layed hands on Douglas and began to pray… out loud… IN CRACKER BARREL… and sweet Angel Spencer and her sister held my hands and prayed with me while EMT’s worked with Douglas. Here I was away from my family in another state… alone… but I was surrounded by people that God placed to care and help me. THANK YOU!!!! We were definitely the main attraction for the lunch crowd yesterday 🤦🏻‍♀️. Our pastor, Joe Emmert, is probably the best pastor anybody could ever have! We love you BroJoe! We are in the hospital waiting for some things to be done this morning so if you could just remember my husband when you pray. I sure would appreciate it.


Later, she posted:

This morning Douglas had a stress test because of his performance yesterday 😉 Well wouldn’t you know it? He failed the test🤷🏻‍♀️ They have just taken him down for a cardiac cath and we would appreciate once again if you would bathe him in prayer. We appreciate Michelle Davis for driving from Atlanta to be with us and Sandra D. Payton (their adopted Mama) for coming and supporting her children.

Douglas and Melinda Davis

Please continue to pray. We will update when we know more.