Please Pray for JoyAnna!

JoyAnna Bragg is a Beautiful 8 year-old girl in need of a miracle. She was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in November 2017. After undergoing rounds of chemotherapy to reduce the cancer, she had her femur bone replacement over Easter break. Since then, she has had numerous, severe complications from the surgery. She has contracted C. Diff, and there have been numerous days in which she was unable to eat. There are sores all over the inside of her body and she is coughing up blood and other fluids which has caused her to lose too much weight and physically weakened her. She has had constant fevers, several infections, and her immune system has been compromised; her blood count is 0. Her body has rejected the femur implant, and today (5-18-18) they are performing surgery no matter her physical state. Please stand with us for her miracle!

Pray Pray Pray!