Pray For Keith Brady WVOB

Pray Fo Keith Brady WVOB
Pray Fo Keith Brady WVOB

Keith Brady from WVOB RADIO in Dothan, AL is home recovering after a heart related health scare on Sunday January 12 th ! Keith, who is an open-heart surgery survivor, had been experiencing minor chest pains for about a week when major heart pains hit him while attempting to lead music at New Life Gospel Center near Headland, AL where he is Music Minister.

Upon arrival at the ER it was stated that he possibly was on the verge of a heart attack and steps were taken to prevent that! He was admitted to the hospital for observation and on Monday January 13 th he went straight from a heart cath, to surgery. They repaired and stented the main artery that surrounds the heart and carries blood to the back of the heart, which was between 80 to 90 percent blocked! Thankfully, it is now at 0% blocked!

The Doctor stated they also checked on the condition of the previous open-heart and stent surgeries and were happy to report that all arteries that had been repaired were still open and functioning as they should! Keith is recuperating at home and hopes to be back at Gospel 91-WVOB Radio next week! He asks for prayers as he continues to recover!
Keith Brady
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