Pray For Jeff Stice Today

Update on Jeff Stice from his wife Stacey. Please pray for this family 🙏

Today I pray for peace. Peace for the the love of my life…my rock…my protector…my best friend.
I pray for strength. Strength for me…strength for Jeff’s mom…his sisters…our kids.
I will meet with hospice this morning. This is not me giving up. This is me handing him to God so that his will shall be done. I know my husband’s wishes, and being alive by man made machines was never one of his. I still believe in Gods miracles, and if it is his will…today he will have mercy on Jeff. My selfish heart will be praying that all day.
Jeff always said he just wanted to finish well. I have no doubt in my heart or mind that if he enters the gates today he will have the biggest smile on his face hearing the words…
My heart is so heavy yet so empty.
Please pray.