Pray For John Lanier

Prayers Requested for John Lanier as He Faces Open Heart Surgery

KENNEDY, AL August 24, 2023 – John Lanier got his start in full-time Gospel music in 1989 with Naomi & the Segos and later served as the tenor vocalist for the original Tony Gore & Majesty. In 1996, he launched a solo evangelistic music ministry, touring the United States and abroad.

Due to the previous covid pandemic, a series of hospitalizations, and multiple surgeries, John has not sung or preached in over three years. Otherwise, this month he would be celebrating 34 years of music ministry and evangelism.

He survived a heart attack in July of 2019, but in July of 2022 he underwent surgery to clear his left carotid artery of over 70% blockage. This surgery had a major, negative impact on his voice that still has not fully recovered, leaving him without the ability to sing. Beginning in January of this year, other life-threatening health issues followed, one right after another, ultimately resulting in more doctor visits, hospital stays, and surgeries.

As a result of a heart catheterization on August 23, revealing multiple blockages in his heart, John is now facing open heart surgery.

“Regarding my health and well-being, this year has been the most trying time of my life, and the most physically painful,” John shares. “I admit I don’t understand why God has allowed all of this to happen to me. But I do know that, through it all, God has made Himself known to me in ways I’ve never experienced. What Satan intended for evil, God has worked for my good. He’s still working, and He’s still with me, so I know He will bring me through this open heart surgery. Please know I am deeply grateful for your prayers!”