Pray for Randall Hamm

Randall Hamm
Randall Hamm

Randall Hamm is a treasured member of the SGNScoops Magazine family, as well as being a radio DJ on WFLQ out of French Lick, Indiana.

Randall was at the NQC this past week and had to leave early as he was feeling unwell. He wrote the following on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon:

Randall HammUpdate, I went to ER in Paoli, and found out I was sick young man. Perfed. colon and possible heart issues. Rounds of Antibiotics to treat the infected colon. Echogram done of Heart, and will know more about that tonight. Treatment with antibiotics of Colon and rescan Monday of Colon. Will let you know of Heart Findings tonight.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Thank you so much.


Vonda Armstrong and Randall Hamm

Randall has been admitted to Bloomington Hospital. Be sure to leave your best wishes on his Facebook page and take your prayers to our Heavenly Father for the gentleman who is in pain.

Randall, all of us at SGNScoops are praying for you. Get well soon!