Prayers for J.B. Dailey

From Jamie:

My friends, my prayer warriors. Tonight my sister Candy called and said my dad JB was rushed to the hospital with his heart. Praise the Lord at this time he is stable and talking. I’ve made my way up here from Nashville as soon as I could and will get to see him here shortly. Looks like he will be staying a few days until further notice.

This has given us a horrible scare as he has major heart issues on top of his Parkinson’s.

I would humbly like to ask for your prayers for him tonight and I know all of you are praying folks. I’m fine though I am very concerned. Like most all of you I’m very close to my mom and dad. They are two of the best friends I’ve got in this world. Why put it on here? I don’t won’t to deny him any prayers and I know when we pray for each other it is a mighty force that God has blessed us with.

All my love and appreciation,


Please pray!