Update on JB Dailey… Please continue to pray

From Jamie Dailey

Update on dad:

He seems to have had a good night. He slept well and his defibrillator did not go off any. His defibrillator shocked him four times in the ambulance on the way to the hospital last night so he’s pretty zapped and tired from that.

Praise the Lord The CT head scan was negative, Cr for his neck was negative, ultrasound of his neck was negative. The ones in his neck were to check for blood flow blockages in his neck. Cardiologist has been in this morning and they are working through it. They believe it was medication he was taken off of but needs to be replaced with something different.

Dad and I, and my entire family feel so very touched by all of your prayers!! Thank you! We love all of you! I’ll update again once we know more.

I want to say how impressed I’ve been so far with the Doctors, nurses and staff Cookeville Regional Medical Center they have been very caring and accommodating. A huge thank you to them especially under this unprecedented and stressful time for them.