Randy & Wendi Pierce Renew Management Contract with EHA-Nashville

randy_and_wendi{EHA-Nashville, TN} Randy & Wendi Pierce of Nashville, TN  renewed their management contract with Evie Hawkins, of EHA-Nashville. The duet has had success with their music ministry with concerts across the Midwest for a couple of decades. As the couple relocated to Nashville, they embarked on an even more busy singing ministry mission. Their last 3 songs went to national radio on Patterson Promotions’ radio compilations. They have also seen success in charting songs like “Tears are a Language” on SGT and other songs; including Muscle Shoals, Alabama songwriter, Randy Johnson’s “When the Lord Comes By.” The couple is excited by what lies ahead and Evie Hawkins notes, “I’m thankful to have Randy & Wendi back with me again this year. We have enjoyed working together the last couple of years and I see them reaching out more and more to a larger audience. We’re also proud of what Jim Brady’s producing has done for the couple. They are looking forward to yet another great project in 2013 with Jim Brady and will be co-hosting a showcase at the National Quartet Convention in 2013 with EHA-Nashville. For more info or a free press kit: EHA-Nashville 615-348-8113