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Danny Jones releases “Run” and “Heaven’s Gate”

Written by Staff on August 7, 2020 – 9:15 am -

Danny Jones releases "Run" and "Heaven's Gate"

Danny Jones and band

Globally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Danny Jones, released two singles this summer to 249 countries and nine stores. The songs are “Heaven’s Gate” and “Run.” Outlets include iTunes and

“Run” was also included in “The Sparrows” movie and CD all-star soundtrack. “Heaven’s Gate” was the ending credits song for the “Vanished” film and included on the CD soundtrack, as well.

Danny was blessed to perform live at the Hollywood premiere of “The Sparrows” in 2015. The film starred Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Atkins, and Judy Norton.

Evie Hawkins Agency.EHAA music video of “Run” is in the works with footage from the actual film.

EHA-NASHVILLE is honored to have this incredible artist on our roster.

Stay tuned for more news on Danny Jones!

For More Information Contact: 256-318-9566

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Cross Pointe Signs Long-term Agreement with EHA-Nashville

Written by SGN Scoops on September 3, 2013 – 3:03 pm -

Cross Pointe of Lancaster, OH, recently signed a major long-term contract with EHA-Nashville on the heels of their latest release, “Time crosspointe2After Time.” The Southern Gospel group is made up of Bill Pitts, Conda Barlow, and Debbie Wright.” The group has had success with national exposure through the help of radio promoter, Pauline Patterson of Patterson Music Group. Evie Hawkins notes, “I am very happy to be a part of Cross Pointe’s team. This group will be featured in our artist showcase next week at the National Quartet Convention. It’s an honor to be working with them now and throughout 2014!” For a free press kit:, 256-509-1514
Hear songs, purchase their music and soundtracks, and learn more about Cross Pointe at They also can be found on Facebook!

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Danny Norman Announces Latest Single

Written by SGN Scoops on June 27, 2013 – 11:45 am -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Popular soloist, Danny Norman sends “He Still Performs in the Storm” to national radio this month. Danny, who haddanny norman a “Song of the Year” with “Love Without Warning,” in the 2013 Artist Music Guild Awards, was also the “Male Vocalist of the Year” and had the “Video of the Year” with “Reasons.” He is up for three Nominee’s for 2013 with the Artist Music Guild, in SC and gives God all the glory for his success.


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David Timms Releases New Song Through Patterson Promotions

Written by SGN Scoops on April 9, 2013 – 9:31 am -

david timmsSinger, Songwriter, Evangelist, David Timms, of Tupelo, MS, goes to national radio through Patterson Promotions on PP Vol. 11 this week with his latest single, “Everything He Died For,” written by Mark Thomas. David is an ordained minister who has been singing Gospel music since his youth and traveled and recorded with the popular charting group, Heaven’s Highway. David’s ordination broadened his ministry and fans and radio positively embraced “Set Me Free From Me,” by David, which was promoted to radio through Pauline Patterson. David’s first Top 40, “Longing to Go” was written by Gerald Crabb. Their affiliation spun out several successful recordings for David, including, “You Did it Again, God Had a Champion, and more. David also recorded, “Back on Top Again,” by Ronny Hinson, and all of these songs made the charts. But David doesn’t just depend on charting success to define him. He notes, “I love singing, but most of all I love singing about my Savior and preaching the Gospel. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this ministry, and the opportunities he has placed in my life to work with people who love to serve Him just the same.” His album, “Revived” can be downloaded at Pauline Patterson notes, “I am happy again to get David’s great material to national radio. I have really enjoyed working with this exceptionally gifted artist. I believe in his music and his call to the ministry and look forward to what lies ahead for David!” For more info on David Timms: 662-231-7382, PR contact: Evie Hawkins,, Radio info: Pauline Patterson/Patterson Music Group, Visit David on Facebook: <>

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Patterson Music Group Announces PP Vol. 11 National Radio Releases

Written by SGN Scoops on March 29, 2013 – 6:14 am -

 Patterson Music Group NEW LOGO{EHA-Nashville, TN) Gospel hit songwriter and recording artist, Phil Cross, brings the popular Poet Voices into the national spotlight as he enlists Patterson Music Group’s radio division to represent the trio with promotions. The fans proved they were excited about the group’s re-launch last year as the group made a renewed commitment to their full-time music ministry. Phil’s, “Grace Will Bring Me Home,” is the first song on the PP Vol. 11 radio comp. The Singing Cookes, who have been a Gospel music staple for decades, has the 2nd song on PP. Vol. 11 with “I’ll Be There.” This group has realized many successful recordings and has been a household name among fans everywhere. Songwriter and former member of Heaven’s Highway, David Timms, sings in his trademark Gospel style with, “Everything You Died For.” David writes and has aligned himself with the songwriting talents of Gerald Crabb, as well. 
The Partons, who do tours in Canada and hail from the same Eastern Tennessee area of their cousins, Dolly and Stella, have an uplifting, “Up Ahead” on this comp. The soulful, rich vocals of the radio promoter herself, Pauline Patterson, will be enjoyed by listeners across the country, as she offers a gem, “Her Roots Run Deep.” Tim Ooten has endeared many with his moving songs, as made evident with his charting success on the fan-voted top 40 at Southern Gospel Times. He sends out “Set Free” and has been consistently marketed to national radio through Patterson Promotions. “Way Too Close” is going out from the Gibbons Family, and Pauline notes, “I am excited to be working with the Gibbons Family. I believe the listeners will really enjoy this song from this anointed family.” The Underwoods, from Nettleton, MS, have been ministering with their music for many years and they have “Will You Meet Me (Over Yonder)” for release. Steven Lawson is another popular artist among fans and releases “Just for Me.” Mercy’s Bridge is also no stranger to the Gospel Music genre and they have sent “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” through Pauline. 

“Two Coats,” is going out through the popular Lancaster, Ohio group, Cross Pointe . “Under Grace” is the song, Georgia, well-loved Southern Gospel trio, chose for release and Brandon Hughes chose “The Old Lighthouse Shining Still.”  Jr. Deason has “I Built a Cross for a King,”Appearing on their new entry level label Southern Gospel Times are Steven Taylor who recorded, “Now I Know What Praising God will Do,” and Larry Davis sends out “God Is Near in Times of Fear.” Pauline Patterson notes, “I believe this is a great comp and we are so excited to be working for these wonderful artists. I hope everyone calls radio and supports the release of these new songs. I believe they’re really going to be a blessing!”  For additional info: PR contact:

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Hoskins Family Recording New Project at Daywind this Month

Written by SGN Scoops on March 23, 2013 – 8:20 am -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} The acclaimed Hoskins Family, Southern Gospel group from Waynesville, Ohio, continues to thrive hoskinsand see doors open since the re-launch of their popular music ministry. They are headed to Daywind studios March 25th to lay down music tracks for their new project. The sought-after talents of Jason Webb, one of Music Row’s favorite session leaders, are in place for the project. The group will be going back into the studio within 3 weeks to record vocals. The project will be a “Greatest Hits” with fan favorites that will include; “Safe Thus Far,” “When the Savior Wipes the Tears,” and “Places to Go, People to see,” along with new songs. Angie Hoskins and Mike Bowling will be producing the project. The family group has been criss-crossing the country for years ministering in song, with appearances at major events in Gospel Music; such as, Gospel Music Television’s “World Premier,” the National Quartet Convention, Dollywood, Branson’s Silver Dollar City, Gaither Homecoming Tours, INSP, TBN, and more. Members include Angie Hoskins-Aldridge, Reva Hoskins, Abby Aldridge, Ricky Hoskins, and Rick Smith. Recognition like Dove Award nominations have validated them within a professional context; however, their fan-base remained consistently supportive of their music after they were forced to leave the road due to a family health situation. Continuous outpouring of love, encouragement, and prayers was instrumental in their return to the road. Their commitment to their fans and mission is a priority they have permanently embraced. The Hoskins Family is slated to appear in concert with Mark Lowry on March 31 at Cornerstone Church of God in Lebanon, Ohio. For more info on the Publicity:, Radio: Patterson Music Group (Patterson Promotions) Visit the Hoskins Family on Facebook at:!/pages/The-Hoskins-Family/177879832319494?sk=info

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Cross Pointe Releases “Two Coats” to Radio thru Patterson Promotions

Written by SGN Scoops on March 21, 2013 – 5:54 am -

cross pointe{EHA-Nashville, TN} Popular Lancaster, OH trio, Cross Pointe, inked an agreement with Patterson Music Group’s radio division. The new single is “Two Coats” and is a new version of the older song, which is over 100 years old. They are noted for their freshman release, “Run to Jesus,” written by group member, Bill Pitts. The group originates from Lancaster, OH and is made up of Bill, Debbie Wright, and Conta Barlow.  “Two Coats” is part of the soon to be released project, “Roots: Old and New.” The project is filled with songs over 50 years old and newly written songs by John Darin Rowsey, who produced the project. Also included on the project are songs written by Bill, Barbara Lister Williams, and Craig Heath. Pauline Patterson, of Patterson Promotions notes, “I’m excited to be a part of Cross Pointe’s ministry. “Two Coats” will go to national radio April 1st and we are looking for positive response with this anointed trio!” To hear the group’s songs and more Follow their links to facebook. Publicity info:, Radio Promotions:

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Wilbanks Experience Success with Still Plannin’ On Goin’

Written by SGN Scoops on February 21, 2013 – 2:38 pm -

wilbanks front{EHA-Nashville, TN} The Wilbanks have yet another successful start with “Still Plannin’ On Goin’ which they released to national radio through Pauline Patterson of Patterson Promotions/Patterson Music Group. The talented family group has been traveling nationally for many years and has been a part of the National Quartet Convention where they have continued to gain a devoted fan-following. In 2012, they were favorites in showcases with their refreshing original material and outstanding performances to radio and promotional representatives. Pauline Patterson notes, “I am so happy that the Wilbanks have gone out on the new P.P. Vol. 10.” We are receiving positive response and Ken and I are not surprised! This group is a terrific blessing to people everywhere. I am so honored and blessed to be a small part of their music ministry. I am expecting more and more good news from this wonderful family who is so gifted!” For a free press kit of the Wilbanks:

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Randy & Wendi Pierce Renew Management Contract with EHA-Nashville

Written by SGN Scoops on February 21, 2013 – 12:42 pm -

randy_and_wendi{EHA-Nashville, TN} Randy & Wendi Pierce of Nashville, TN  renewed their management contract with Evie Hawkins, of EHA-Nashville. The duet has had success with their music ministry with concerts across the Midwest for a couple of decades. As the couple relocated to Nashville, they embarked on an even more busy singing ministry mission. Their last 3 songs went to national radio on Patterson Promotions’ radio compilations. They have also seen success in charting songs like “Tears are a Language” on SGT and other songs; including Muscle Shoals, Alabama songwriter, Randy Johnson’s “When the Lord Comes By.” The couple is excited by what lies ahead and Evie Hawkins notes, “I’m thankful to have Randy & Wendi back with me again this year. We have enjoyed working together the last couple of years and I see them reaching out more and more to a larger audience. We’re also proud of what Jim Brady’s producing has done for the couple. They are looking forward to yet another great project in 2013 with Jim Brady and will be co-hosting a showcase at the National Quartet Convention in 2013 with EHA-Nashville. For more info or a free press kit: EHA-Nashville 615-348-8113

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Danny Jones “Secrets of the Snow” Released by Hollywood Movie Execs

Written by SGN Scoops on February 21, 2013 – 12:33 pm -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Danny Jones, Contemporary Christian songwriter and Homeland Inspirational Group recording artist, recentlydanny_jones-200x300 celebrated with friends and movie producers in Nashville, as his latest, “Secrets of the Snow” hit Christian Bookstores throughout the nation. The song, which is the title and theme of the movie is performed by Danny in the new DVD and available on the bookshelves and music stores through the U.S. Danny notes, “I am honored and thankful for the great turnout we had in Gallatin, TN last week. Thank you to Robert Jones and all of Homeland Inspirational Group or their tremendous support and encouragement. I appreciate the movie producers and all the advocacy I had to get my songs out. I hope everyone will pick up their copy and enjoy this terrific movie that has a beautiful message! Danny was also presented a Presidential Volunteer “Call to Service” Award at the reception last week. His award was presented by Evie Hawkins on behalf of President Obama who was unable to attend but sent a letter of appreciation thanking Danny for his hard work in his community and the nation.

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