David Timms Releases New Song Through Patterson Promotions

david timmsSinger, Songwriter, Evangelist, David Timms, of Tupelo, MS, goes to national radio through Patterson Promotions on PP Vol. 11 this week with his latest single, “Everything He Died For,” written by Mark Thomas. David is an ordained minister who has been singing Gospel music since his youth and traveled and recorded with the popular charting group, Heaven’s Highway. David’s ordination broadened his ministry and fans and radio positively embraced “Set Me Free From Me,” by David, which was promoted to radio through Pauline Patterson. David’s first Top 40, “Longing to Go” was written by Gerald Crabb. Their affiliation spun out several successful recordings for David, including, “You Did it Again, God Had a Champion, and more. David also recorded, “Back on Top Again,” by Ronny Hinson, and all of these songs made the charts. But David doesn’t just depend on charting success to define him. He notes, “I love singing, but most of all I love singing about my Savior and preaching the Gospel. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this ministry, and the opportunities he has placed in my life to work with people who love to serve Him just the same.” His album, “Revived” can be downloaded at www.itunes.com. Pauline Patterson notes, “I am happy again to get David’s great material to national radio. I have really enjoyed working with this exceptionally gifted artist. I believe in his music and his call to the ministry and look forward to what lies ahead for David!” For more info on David Timms: 662-231-7382 http://davidtimmsmusic.com/, PR contact: Evie Hawkins, Evie@EHA-Nashville.com, Radio info: Pauline Patterson/Patterson Music Group, www.PattersonPromotions@Att.net Visit David on Facebook: < https://www.facebook.com/david.timms.ministry?fref=ts>